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At Telescope Data Services, we synthesize experienced, strategic business expertise with data governance best practices to provide your organization with timely and accurate insights derived directly from your business data.

Today, every business is surrounded by so much captured information that trying to manage it yourself becomes incapacitating.

Unless data management is your core competency, you are probably drowning in it, or simply ignoring it and losing the valuable insights obscured below the surface.

We are data experts with decades of experience turning oceans of data into smart decisions. We help companies just like yours reap benefits from the knowledge hidden below the surface of your business information. With a more informed insight, you will make better decisions and successfully achieve your short- and long-term goals.

The Principals

Jim has many years experience as a developer, business analyst, business consultant and project manager. Jim has a Bachelors in Finance from Canisius College and a Masters in Information Systems from the University of Arizona. Recently, Jim has also completed a certification in Data Science from General Assembly. Jim’s focus is to ensure that clients business goals are met through the proper utilization of Information Technology and Business Intelligence solutions.

Janis has many years experience as a Business Intelligence architect and a database developer. She also has an MBA from Ohio University and Bachelors in Accounting from Portland State. Janis’ deep technical expertise as well as her thorough business acumen provide her with the skills needed to ensure that Business Intelligence solutions meet the strategic needs of a client organization.

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We offer a full end-to-end evaluation of your data ecosystem. Our goal is to get the right information to decision makers at the right time so that you and your team continue to make optimal decisions for your business.

Smooth Sailing

Is This You?

You don’t believe that your operational data reports are providing you  with the optimal information for decision making. You are not even sure that you have all the data you need. Your business is missing out on opportunities or sub-optimizing operations because of this. Your analysis of your customers, revenue, and costs are not providing all you need.

You try to address this in-house but your current IT Team is already at capacity supporting the ongoing operations of the business and does not have time to conduct a thorough analysis of your data. Does this sound familiar?

Here is Your Solution

Our team will help you to identify the best approach to collection of data and dissemination of information for your business.

We will dive into your data and identify your most relevant needs to you quickly. This will provide you with the optimal data to support your decisions right away. We will deliver this in a few weeks rather in months or up to a year.  Your costs will be lower and the benefits will be delivered much sooner. Our solution of performing a full data survey will increase the value of your data to your organization in the shortest period of time.

We begin by obtaining a thorough understanding of the business drivers and vision for your organization. From there, we identify the types of executive level reports and dashboards that are needed to optimize your decision-making. We recommend report designs that are easy for executives to understand given their busy schedules.

From there, we work backwards evaluating your entire data lifecycle to create a design ensuring that all of the necessary operational data is being collected, cleaned and delivered to your business intelligence system to provide you with the information you need for optimal executive decision-making.

Our Services and Expertise

Reporting Needs Identification • Business Strategic and Operational Reporting Assessment • Gap Analysis • Data Strategy Alignment Data Source Evaluation • Data Cleaning Process Setup • Data Governance Assistance • Architectural Services • Transactional Data Design • ETL Mapping • Data Warehouse Setup • Reporting Assistance • Dashboard Setup • Operational and Strategic Reporting Optimization and Prioritization • Data Science • Assistance with setting up a Data Science Program • Linkage of Data Science Initiatives to Strategic Business Objectives • Vendor Advisory Services • Evaluation and Selection of Vendor Products • RFP Reviews • Assistance with Vendor Management during project execution • Process Mapping • Swimlane process Development • Linking business processes to data needs • Project Management • Agile/Scrum Project Management • Assistance with Prioritization of Backlog Items • Working with Cross Functional Teams

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